CNST survival

February 9, 2013

Well here I am again finally getting around to the blog I think might help me make sense of a changing world in midwifery and may coax others to do the same.

I cant believe my first post was Feb 2012 and my second Feb 2013 so I though I would make it three.

Just finished getting through CNST Level 2.  I hear a general groan.  Yes they do keep changing the goal posts and yes the getting ready seems to get left to only a few in the organisation. On the positive this means things are done because few people are in control, alas getting general buy in to the whole thing has been patchy.  Yes we passed. Yes the ladies form the NHSLA were good and professional at their job.

Whatever next as the NHS looks for different ways to assess risk and the reduction of it. Whatever body is appointed I am sure we have to go through hoops again to achieve the standard.

What with the CQC, Quipps, CNST, dashboards, national league tables,  what we do as midwives is under scrutiny.  We must be prepared to stand up and defend our practice.


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