Midwives and Mothers

March 16, 2014

Calling all midwives for this mother’s day,

Spare a thought for the mother of the mother, you care for today,

As she watches her daughter writhe and moan,

She would never dream of leaving her alone.


As she witnesses in awe the rhythm of the rite,

She is frightened and exhausted and already been up all night,

Their eyes ask for reassurance that all will be OK,

This tiny precious message takes but a moment to say.


The experience brings back memories, her own story is told,

Comparisons are made, this makes her feel old.

No waterbirths, birthing balls, aromatherapy in her day,

Give her confidence and knowledge, that her daughter needs to find her own way.


As she paces the floor looking for things to do,

A cool face flannel, support on the way to the loo.

Encourage and defend  her, in her own style of care,

Her daughter has declared that she wanted her there.


Then things get excited as the birth is imminently due,

Keep all calm, talk things through.

Watch the expression as the next generation emerges,

They are now a Grandmother, emotion surges.


And when things are difficult and medical staff are needed,

Take a moment to squeeze a shoulder as conclusions are heeded.

Acknowledge the mother at the theatre door,

Share her moment till all is well once more.


In other worlds and distant lands,

Where healthcare has only begun its plans.

A call to local women, a baby’s birth demands,

He is assisted into the world by his Grandma’s hands.


So spare a thought for the mother of your mother,

Your client/patient, clearly has no other.

Respect her for the years she has known your lady,

Together you are bonded , to welcome the new baby.


Helen Young 16th March 2014


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