The Professional

June 9, 2014

WordPress 101 Daily Challenge Day 6

Today, you’ll write about the most interesting person you’ve met in 2014. In your twist, develop and shape your portrait further in a character



When you are in pain, you build up a picture of the kind of person who might help  you. As I waited in the changing room in my draughty hospital style gown, yes with the compulsory back access, I wondered what they would be like.

The tall, blond, junoesque woman who ushered me to come, was not what I was expecting.  She wore a skirt and blouse that had been chosen to meet the needs of her professional role. but at the same time were more attractive and elegant hinting at her pretty personality beneath.

As she talked, her tone was soft and measured. She asked intimate questions without a hint of embarrassment. She efficiently completed the questionnaire and then gestured me to the couch to continue the session. She moved well, quietly and purposefully, her skirt rustling against the furniture as she passed.

As she examined me her fingers were surgical in precision, reaching the points that were needing investigation. Prompted by my answers she diagnosed the problem with expert dexterity. Her fingers were warm and her manner completely appropriate, yet the touch implied more than the examination required.

I moved to the couch and as she began manipulating my body this way and that, trying to relax under her hands was difficult. I was tense, scared of those movements leading to pain.  Her voice was reassuring, encouraging me to work with her to achieve the best out of the treatment.

I felt completely comfortable in her presence, confident in her practice and her care.  I left eager to meet her again and commit to more treatment.



One Response to “The Professional”

  1. Put It Together 4 U Says:

    This blog made me FEEL. I was consumed by the physiological aspect of the care you described. Great character build-up. Thank you! 😀

    ~ Angela

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