Cambodia Blog(3) It is really happening!

September 22, 2014

I found myself today completing visa application forms for Cambodia. I have my itinerary I fly to Bangkok on 3rd Jan 2015 and on to Phnom Phenh.  I return via Bangkok to Heathrow on 31st Jan 2015.  It is really happening!

I have my mosquito net and spray. I have a box marked Cambodia as I add things in preparation. Must book my travel insurance!

My fellow Global Midwifery Twinning Project  travellers, Pippa and Paula, have been in touch, we are going to meet to catch up and get ourselves ready for the trip. I really want to make sure we are taking what is needed by the Cambodian Midwives to make our trip really worthwhile.

I have been reading Jacqui Gerard’s blog about her trip with Jo Kemp Phnom Phenh and Kam Pot seem very real now. I am wondering how the trip is going for the midwives who are out there right now. Want to pick their brains and learn all I can before I go. Cannot wait till they are back to ask.

Having to think about work here in the UK now too. Planning to be away for a month there are things I need to do now, to keep the Maternity Audit ship afloat whilst I am away. Luckily I have a good team of people I work with. I will have a job to come back to.

Recent events in Cambodia via Twitter

Developing economic relationship between Cambodia and China (@Cambodian Daily)

Human trafficking a big issue (@Watching Cambodia)

Garment factory strikes as workers seek better pay (@Cambodian Daily)

74% of Cambodian women breastfeed (@UNICEF Cambodia)

755 000 of children aged 5-17 yrs old in Cambodia are working(@UNICEF Cambodia)


One Response to “Cambodia Blog(3) It is really happening!”

  1. Nicola lovett Says:

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

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