Count Down to Cambodia Blog (6)

December 18, 2014

Well it is all getting very real now. Met up with my fellow Cambodian Triplets Pippa and Paula at the beginning of December and we spent a great day in Poole in Dorset getting to know one another and seeing the sights. It was a lovely sunny but cold day and seemed miles and miles away from Cambodia.

We shared all the information that we each had acquired about the trip. Getting nervous about our assignments, but exited at the same time. We all had the same wish to do some good while we are out there. We are hoping to plan in advance with the contacts in Cambodia so we can take what they need. It really is important to us that twinning with the Cambodian Midwifery Association is the start of a long term relationship for the benefit of all. It is important we build on what is there not try and transport western midwifery practice that may or may not be appropriate or possible

Then just Tuesday last,  had a conference call with the Royal College of Midwives and Paula and me. A very open conversation was had about the challenges and experiences ahead.  Language seems a major issue which makes me want to step up my efforts to learn some basic Khmer before I go. We were reminded about travel insurance, which was just as well as I found out I had got a quote but never followed  through. Now done !!!. Awaiting more documents to read before the trip.  It is a good job I have lots of time off now.

I have pinards(to listen to baby’s heart)  donated by MIDIRS (Midwives Information and Resource Service) on the way to take with me, together with some past publications. I hope these are useful to the Midwifery Students. I have also been given lots of woolly hats surplus to requirements in our unit. Not sure how appropriate these might be in such a warm climate.


  • Vaccinations Tick
  • Travel Insurance Tick
  • Passport with Visa now in my possession Tick
  • Flight details and accommodation Tick
  • Deet Tick
  • Anti-diarrohea tablets and rehydration sachets

A suitcase full of cool clothes for hot weather and another full of midwifery goodies.

In addition to planning this trip I have also recently left my current Midwifery post., Found a new job and am trying to find a new home nearby. I am in the process of putting the contents of my house in storage in preparation for renting out in the new year.  All this close to Christmas,  I must be mad!!!!!!!

I cannot wait to get on the plane.


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