We have arrived Cambodia Blog (7)

January 4, 2015

Well after a long wait we are finally here in Phnom Penh Cambodia!  The journey to the airport was straightforward  with trains, cars and Heathrow Express all being utilised to good effect by Paula, Pippa and Helen.

Pippa and Paula

Pippa and Paula

But we all met together on the Heathrow Airport Concourse and booked in. The weather outside was appalling we were glad to get away.


There was a long delay but not tool long to effect our connecting flight. The weather improved at                        Bangkok and we finally landed at Phnom Penh.


We were met at     the airport by a van from the Hotel. Marvelous.  We were transported in comfort but in some anxiety at the traffic. The number of young children carried on scooters with their parents was frightening to our western eyes.

  • 20150104_15564520150104_155921

But we settled into the beautiful Villa Lagka Hotel. Personally very happy with my large room with ensuite wetroom.

Not what I was expecting at all. There is even a pool.

Have met our interpreter and off to the Cambodian Midwives Association tommorow at 07.30 am!!


One Response to “We have arrived Cambodia Blog (7)”

  1. Joy Kemp Says:

    great to read your Blog Helen. So pleased that the airport pick-up worked well. Look forward to hearing all your adventures and hope to Skype you on Tuesday, 6pm your time. Joy

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