What a difference a day makes Cambodia Blog 8

January 5, 2015

Our first working day in Cambodia. We travelled by Tuk Tuk motorised wagon really. We went to the Women’s hospital in Phnom Penh and met with Madam Chea.Ath Director of Midwifery and Head of Cambodian Midwifery Association.

She gave us a personal tour of the facility including the antenatal clinic, labour ward and postnatal. We also saw the administration level and met the assistant director.  We continued into the special care unit and I took lots of photos with consent. Our translator Monay was wonderful. We also met Lida oung. my facebook friend.

Busy, busy morning. I took lots of photos on my phone. I also took a video of part of the journey as the Tuk Tuk manoevered in and out of the kamikaze scooter drivers. Then on arrival back at the hotel suddenly I realised that my telephone was missing. Alas lost or stolen!

We returned quickly to the women’s hospital to seek out he Tuk Tuk driver just in case he had found in his vehicle. Sadly he had not. The hotel staff were brilliant  and so were Paula and Pippa. But alas it had really gone. Thank goodness had made a back up on my computer. Sadly all the morning photos were  lost.

So we went to supermarket shopping for water and then met up with Monay again in the afternoon. This time to go to the Centre for Training Medical care. Excellent facility for all different students, medical , laboratory, nursing and midwifery. Madam Chea Ath was doing a lecture but we toured the building instead.  We did meet up to say hi.

We were taken from room to room to meet lots of student midwives at different levels of their training. 1st 2nd and 3rd year. We watched as they did practical class in injection, nasogastric feeding and general examination. We also watched a later group perform a normal delivery on a manikin, the very same we use in the UK.  Directive pushing approach was being taught.

We were taken from room to room to meet 60 -80 students per room. I tried out my very basic Khmer language. The appeared  to appreciate this effort or at least find my pronunciation amusing.

Brilliant long day Marred by the loss of my phone but now replaced with different Samsung and my old phone blocked at home by 02.

We went for dinner in a local restaurant and enjoyed a lovely atmosphere in warm balmy temperatures. Sat outside to eat our meal.

Paula and I ended our day by a swim back at Villa Langka to relax.

Today, thank the wonderful Tuk Tuk drivers who took us from place to place and Monay for lovely companionship and interpretation.  Madam Chea and I are getting to know one another.  Meet again tomorrow.

The plan is to travel with Madam Chea Ath to a study day out in the provinces on Friday.It will be a good experience I think. Need to stay overnight. The Cambodian Triplets will be together. Today we realised  our initials spell PPH  Paula Pippa and Helen. Appropriate for Midwives hey.


One Response to “What a difference a day makes Cambodia Blog 8”

  1. Gillian Smith Says:

    Sorry about your phone but glad you are alright and settling in a bit cold here in Scotland for open air swimming. Take care and stay safe Gillian x

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