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January 7, 2015

I feel really at home here as do Paula and Pippa despite the busy traffic and the many many scooters. I drive a scooter myself in the UK so I have half an urge to get on one, but not sure my insurance would cover me. There are places with hundreds of bikes and scooters.  Motorbike heaven.

The sounds and smells do remind me of my time in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Lots of small shops squeezed together on long straight streets. They sell all sorts and everything. But we were able to find a Samsung shop to obtain my replacement phone after it “lost” itself.

The food is lovely. The herbs and spices completely to my taste. The weather however is warm and so my appetite is less. Looking forward to maybe going home a few pounds less.

There are small ghekkos running up and down the walls of the hotel and the other night there was a little frog/toad by the pool.  There are dogs about and cats and we went to a restaurant where they had a cage full of birds, for decoration not for eating. Possibility of seeing dolphins later in our trip

The people are really friendly and seem to be responding to my stilted attempts at the Khmer language. The Tuck Tuck drivers are really helpful and you get the feeling that for the length of our stay they will help us a lot.

The hospitals and training centres are very concrete and austere really but also remind me of earlier hospitals I have worked in in the UK. Very functional in nature. I notice pregnant women everywhere and really would like an opportunity to talking to some about their care. I think it would be very interesting to get their point of view.

We are walking around with the aroma of eau de DEET. This is the in vogue perfume. Then as we are going to the provinces Joy Kemp at the RCM warned us of the malaria risk. We are thinking of taking tablets.

Had day off today Wednesday as Public Holiday to celebrate the end of the Khmer Rouge period. So we became tourists down by the water front.  It felt strange walking about in this city so many tuck tucks, motorbikes, and also very large important cars.  Street children are about and we believe become more prominent in the evenings when the tourists are in the restaurants on the waterfront.

One of the oddest sites was the coffin shop.  I did stop myself from taking a photo.

Off to Kratie province tomorrow to NMC workshop on cord care with Madam Chea-Ath. Paula, Pippa and I are very grateful for the opportunity.

Some photos for you. Hope it works. Blog again when back from Kratie

20150106_082818 Madam Chea Pres of CMA  20150107_140202 Villa Langka

20150107_131523 20150107_120029


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