Bones and Butterflies

January 11, 2015

The fields are a record of recent past

To acknowledge the coming of peace at last

A time to reflect on terrible times gone by

To wander and think where the bones still lie

To listen to a record of horrific events

To take time and remember is time well spent

As many nationalities walk and sit

The atmosphere respectful, at least a bit

The tourists queue to enter the Stupa

As many before had grouped together to be shot

A modern parallel not easy to comprehend

But they bring money and this place needs a lot.

On the edge of the field the hollows are cold

The last resting place of many, their stories untold

But beauty is fluttering across the ground

I smile at the butterflies, the spirits abound

Cambodia is rising from hate and fear

I understand how privileged I am to be here

There is a lot of hope, but in disguise

From bones to butterflies, the people rise

Cambodia Jan 2015 259


4 Responses to “Bones and Butterflies”

  1. roopesh Says:

    Inspiring 🙂 beautifully written !

  2. Joy Kemp Says:

    A beautiful poem

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