Cambodia Global Midwifery Twinning Project – Saying Goodbye

January 30, 2015

It is Day 26 of our trip to Cambodia. It is time to say Cambodia.  I thought it might be hard and it has been but I am ready to come home now.

Things achieved.  Lots of networking with lots of NGO’s (Non-Government Organisations for the uninitiated.) Personally I have got very fed up of all the strange anarchic anachronistic , achronyms.  Some of which do not correspond to the actual title of the organisation. I can feel a poem coming on.

But we have been very honoured to meet with the World Health Organisation(WHO) and United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), United Nations  Populations Fund (UNFPA) and GIZ( Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationalle ), officers here in Phnom Penh.

Jan30th download from phone 019

Lots of working with the President of the Cambodian Midwives Association.  We have actually managed to leave the country with a final draft of a “ Strategy” document.  Had to leave the translator however, to finish off  the newsletter/magazine, but interpreter Liong knows what to do. Sustainability!

My colleague Pippa has been doing marvellous work down at the Training School doing workshops and making videos. Paula has been an excellent cameraman.  It has been challenging using my Samsung phone as the video camera however, but Pippa and her Australian Volunteer Organisation Midwives are pleased with the result.

Visiting the hospitals has been interesting I myself have managed three.  This has enabled me to do a bit of comparison, but the care is basically the same but there is hope.  In all three it is clear that they have an eye on the future and there is an impetus to raise standards of Midwifery care.

immediate newborn care including skin to skin

immediate newborn care including skin to skin

28th Jan 2014 Cambodia 009

Management of PPH

Labour illustrations

Labour illustrations

Meeting other midwives and volunteers and ex-patriots in kingdom has been really exciting and useful. Learning about their experiences has enhanced my own.  Sharing responses and finding some common ground has been great.  Learning about their work in more remote areas of Cambodia has wetted the appetite for more travel.

28th Jan 2014 Cambodia 013

A part of me really does not want to go.  Another just wants to get on the plane “out’a here!”.

But I really don’t want to waste the valuable personal connections made and the progress achieved in the relationship between the CMA and RCN Global Midwifery Twinning Project.

Cant help feeling I might be back.

Jan30th download from phone 025


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