Post natal care after CS – a poem

January 29, 2016


Post natal care, where?

My baby’s in the cot, what?

I cannot reach him, let alone feed him.


I keep pressing the buzzer, but no one comes

They tell me they are busy as they pass on the run,

I don’t want to bother but I can’t yet feel my legs

I can feel pain in my tummy and wet in the bed


A lady arrives all flustered and hot,  she says “what”?

“Can you pass my baby please and could you help me feed”

“I’ll get the midwife, she will do the deed”

Out she disappears and reappears, curtains flapping open wide

I’m sorry she is busy right now “have you tried?”


Tears are streaming down my face, I wish I were at home

On this busy postnatal ward I have never felt more alone,

I have read books and am prepared to try

But I need some help, I continue to cry.


They murmer “post natal depression” behind the fabric wall,

I just need help with feeding it is not that at all.

Two arrive behind the curtains take observations and check my blood loss,

Then finally my boy is with me, yelling he is the boss.


It takes a while to latch him as he has got into such a state

But finally he is sucking and at such a rate

They leave me behind the curtains, left with a bell to ring

As another machine is demanding them with a loud ping.


I cannot really blame them, three staff for twenty four

Post natal mothers and babies require so much more

The routine mothers have all gone home, the needy are still here

Please help post caesarean women, isolation is our fear.


Lots of breastfeeding support in the middle of the night

Please peer supporters help us make this right

Midwives and Midwifery care assistants have the skills we need

But there needs to be more of them to help us succeed.





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