Legal Control of Breastmilk substitute companies at last !

May 9, 2016

code_report_2016_covToday an International Report on the lack of legal control of how Breastmilk substitute companies operate in the world was published, together with a new code of how countries could implement legislation.  This Report was issued via  WHO, UNICEF, IBFAN.    The report can be found via link  Code

This is remarkable in that it has taken all my thirty years in midwifery for this to come to fruition. An International Code.  How to legislate to prevent breastmilk substitutes being pushed towards women, against all the prevailing evidence that  only Breastmilk  be given to babies wherever possible.

This will be a revolution, I hope.  If successful it will save many lives. Stopping the advertising of breastmilk substitutes, stopping these companies giving out supplies in acute emergency circumstances including local conflict, disaster situations.  The feeding of human babies should not be dependent upon the marketing strategy of huge breastmilk substitute companies.  We need to remove this game from the world.  This manipulation, this coercion of mothers away from believing in their own ability to feed their babies has to stop.  This code gives us the power to do it.


I urge all who are politically minded to put this issue on the map, especially here in the UK where the breastfeeding rates could be so much higher for the benefit of future populations.  Please support the implementation of the International Code in our UK legislation.

Artificial milk is not the best milk for babies. Mothers need supporting to make the right decision for the health of her child without the pressure from these companies that their product in anyway matches her own milk.  It does not and never will.


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