Time to go East again Blog 4: Bridges

July 11, 2016

We travelled on from Okayama to Hiroshima.  We travelled through seven tunnels to get there. On these islands there are many mountains and the only way is through. Amazing Japanese engineering



It was very important to me to visit the Hiroshima Shrine and the Museum.

I had visited the Killing Fields in Cambodia scene of mass killing by the notorious Pol Pot and his regime. Hiroshima was no less terrible as inflicted from abroad without thought to the effects on the local population.  I really hope we do not do it again.

The Shrine was beautiful as Emiko says a celebration of the lives that were lost. A permanent place for people to go and pray and remember. The weather was kind and also the tide. It was out so we could walk right up to the structure that floats in the water generally.

Many people were here and there are often weddings. I think we saw three!  All the couples beautifully dressed.




We had lunch nearby then were back on the boat back to the mainland.  Falling in love with noodles.





The HIroshima museum was very moving.  All the clothes and personal items collected, from people who had literally ceased to exist in a moment.


We visited another Midwife house here.  Again lovely homely atmosphere.  These are really great facilities used by local women to these houses.  They are not encouraged by the government but as they are private they exist.



We travelled back via the longest bridge in the world (The Akashi Kaikyō Bridge).and travelled soon on the highest bridge in the world. This made me very philosophical about Japan being a group of islands connected by bridges and how really we all have to connect with each other across the globe as midwives and as people to make it a better world.

We travellers need to share our experiences as we know we all just global citizens.




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