Time to go East Again Blog 6:  Teaching/Sharing/Learning

July 16, 2016

After a wild round of site-seeing it was now down to business again.  Emiko had lined up a few lectures for me at Kobe Municiple University and Kobe City University to give, with regard to Global Midwifery and a Comparison of UK and Japanese Midwifery.

I even gave one lecture on UK Pharmacy and their role in pregnancy. A challenge, but the pharmacy students appeared to enjoy.  Emiko was beyond wonderful with her translation skills.  We seemed to make a great team.  She is very distinguished in her career in Japan and has written many books.  I was worried about the demotion to translator but she appeared to enjoy it. It is rare for a English midwife to speak in Japan.


It was an honour to talk to these nursing and midwifery students. They were attentive in the main but there were a few who nodded off. I was reassured this was not my teaching technique but the busy lives Japanese students have to fund their studies.

I was honoured to have lunch with a group of midwifery students and their lecturers.


But of course after the teaching was over there was time for food.


Japanese Pizza  Delicious and far less calorific than the UK kind

I have really become accustomed now to eating with chop stix. I might do this at home it really makes you slow down and enjoy each morsel of food.  I think I have lost weight as a result.




My blogs are getting behind now.  I have already moved on to Cambodia but I will complete the Japan experience very soon.


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