Time to go East Again Blog 6: Kyoto and Kimonos

July 18, 2016


I am writing things completely delayed now as so much has happened. But as I am laid up in Kampot with a stomach bug, this allows me time to catch up.


6th, July Kyoto Japan

After busy days with students, back now to sightseeing with Emiko. She has a plan and we are sticking to it.

Our first destination was the Golden temple which indeed is Gold.  It attracted a lot of people as you might imagine goodness knows what it is like in high season.  The Gods were kind though and the sun shone.


One of the real highlights was sitting down for a real green tea

Of course we visited the Kiyomizu temple,20160706_113843.jpg a huge place with views over Kyoto.  It felt a very holy place.


A lapsed Catholic with Buddhist tendencies the serenity really got to me. Despite the hoards wanting to be there too.   Again the weather was kind.  Is this really rainy season in Japan?



I was also treated by good friend Emiko to the art of wearing the Kymono.

I was very nervous, not least would they have one to fit me.  Japanese people are not renowned for their largeness.  They are petite slim people.   But as you can see we found one.



They then sent me out of the shop to walk around the centre.  This was altogether exhilarating. People did say nice things to me.  But then seeing a rather large middle aged lady dressed in a purple Kymono, is not your normal thing.

I actually did some shopping whilst dressed in this manner the shop assistants were very amused.

The lady who helped me was so kind.  After it was all over she kindly gave me her personal fan as she could see it had been a bit of a hot experience for me.  Japanese people as just so kind. I was humbled.  She was wonderful.  Thanks again Emiko for the experience.


Oh and later as we explored the famous Gion district.

Fam20160706_170854ous for Giesha and Maiko(Trainee Geisha).  We were very lucky and saw a real one.

Emikos photos were better than mine.  She wore her Kymono much better than me not surprisingly, but she did look so very young.


It was interesting to see the very expensive cars driving into this district depositing very well dressed businessmen to their personal Geiko (Experienced Geisha) address.


I don’t think this will be my new occupation now I am retired. Ha


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