Time to Go East Again Blog 7 Part 2: Hi’s and Highs

July 26, 2016

We move from the tea plantations of Shizuoka at the base of Mount Fuji that look like massive green caterpillars onto Tokyo.



We stay at the huge Shinagawa Prince Hotel.  It has over 3560 rooms. It is right at the heart of Tokyo and near all transport links.  So off we wander spending our afternoon walking around the rainy tourist streets of Japan.


It is an overwhelming, extraordinary experience and I am inducted into the Japanese fondness for cartoons. There is shop, upon shop, catering for this national obsession especially with young people.  I am slightly peterbed by the young girls in cartoon costumes plying their trade on the streets.  I am so pleased I do not have a photo.  There were photos enough!


We seek solace in excellent food back in the complex beneath the hotel and retire to bed.





The following day the end of the typhoon is hitting hard but we still venture out to Akihabara and Uneno Park.


We watched an excellent juggler perform his trade in the rain.  Magnificent.  All credit to him for continuing despite the weather. He was greatly appreciated.


20160709_155501.jpgWe also met a Japanese English literature student. It is just so funny how you meet people. Of course she heard my accent and said Hello.  I wish you well Lala.  Hope to be in touch




The following day we achieved a dream of mine.  We went up the sky tree.  Amazing.  I love high buildings and this was indeed a high. 634metres high.  The highest tower in the world its claim.  Much higher than Blackpool UK -158 metres.  The Eifel tower in Paris is 324 metres.   I hope to see the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai later in my trip – 828 metres.


The experience starts with a fantastic trip in a lift. I felt like I had stepped inside some computer game. Loved it.  The views from the top were of course fantastic.  The weather had cleared after the typhoon. We had chosen the perfect day but Mount Fuji, which apparently can be seen, was still in the distant mist.  Fantastic experience.


Later we went on to the Asukasa Shrine.  This was the day of the Hozuki festival so many people were there purchasing their flowers and praying for happiness.  Yes I prayed too.


Only two more days in Japan.  Going to visit the local Hospital in Osaka tommorow.



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