Time to go East Again Blog 8:  Kobe and Osaka

July 27, 2016


I have only two days to go now in Japan and I have a Midwifery thing to do. Emiko has arranged a visit at Hyogo Medical University Hospital.  I am really keen to see the contrast between the hospitals and the Midwife Homes I have seen so far.

We met the director of nursing a lovely lady obviously wanting the best for her staff and patients. They were very welcoming. I felt honoured to be allowed to view their hospital.  It was my birthday (11th July) Emiko had primed the office and they all said Happy Birthday.


The hospital is a hospital. It feels like a routine western style hospital. The difference – massive corridors and the use of space.  Sadly my photos just don’t show it. It feels a really great space to work in.  After years of working in cramped corridors and wards in the UK this feels state of the art.


I was taken to see the neonatal intensive care unit. Again the space is the thing I notice.  Obvious excellent facilities for the care of premature and poorly babies.

The labour ward again feels like home. Similar birthing beds able to be changed into different positions as required.  Emiko reminds me though that many women still receive an episiotomy on their first birth though.  There theatre looked so similar to UK I felt I could go straight in and scrub to take the baby.

Postnatal facilities are much the same as the UK but the women stay for much longer. They are appalled that we in the UK send women home after only a few hours.



After this Emiko took me up to the hills overlooking Kobe.  A fantastic view. Kobe really is a nice city to live in.




The following day Emiko was working so I was attended by Kayo and her sister Junko.


They gave me a great day out in Osaka.  More tube train rides, but we went on the Okawa river too. We had a lovely time.  The rain threatened and then went away.

We had lunch in the twin tower restaurant, excellent view and food.  Then up the tallest building in Japan (Abeno Harukas) and we met the Abeno bear.  Apparently we were very lucky. I hug everyone.  i was a great day.


That night we met in the local restaurant that had become our favourite during the trip.  Emiko had ordered lots of food and Akiko from the University came too.  It was a lovely send off dinner.




My experience of Japan has been huge. Thanks in most to Emiko my tour director.  I have seen lots of things with midwifery in mind, but also had a great tourist time.  I love the people and their respect of others.  I think I may be having lots of visitors to the UK. All are welcome.  Thanks Emiko you are a true friend. Let’s not make it twenty years next time.


Oh by the way.  Every UK toilet should have one of these. Thought it was a fantastic idea




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