Time to Go East Again: Blog 11: Finally enjoying Phnom Penh

August 20, 2016


Sorry for delay. Have started new job. Needed to settle in. The tale continues

21st July

Watched ‘Money or Blood’ on Alyson’s DVD whilst recuperating. Describes another aspect of Cambodian Health care system. 2014 Georges Gachot. It is about Beat Richner German man who has built and maintained hospitals in Cambodia. Very controversial. Who should be paying for Cambodian health care? Did give me yet another insight.

Was well enough to attend my friend Liong’s family leaving party. She is off to Thailand to study nursing. It was a great family party and I did eat something. Lovely meeting Liong’s family and even her mum who had travelled all the way from Battambang.




Finally arranged to meet up with Madam Chea-Ath. Back at the NMCHC known locally as the Japanese hospital as lots of funding from JICA (Japanese International Co-operation agency).  This was a lovely visit. So nice to meet up with the President of the Cambodian Midwives Association. We had worked so closely in January 2015.


We celebrated the reunion over lunch and it was great being back to eating properly again.

Finally met up with Julia Stewart and new friend Andrea. It is great to meet up with people you hardly met last time but because of the nature of travellers, you are always friends well met.  I love being part of the traveller community. I have acquired friends all over the world.


So bye to Phnom Penh and on to Dubai.  Cannot wait to see my friend’s Twins.



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